HERCULES Cost-Effective Super Cast 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line 10LB to 300LB Test for Salt-Water,109/328/547/1094 Yards(100M/300M/500M/1000M),Diam.#0.12Mm-1.2Mm,Hi-Grade Performance,Variety Colors

Color: Camouflage
Size: 10LB-0.12MM-1094YDS(1000M)-8 STRANDS
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  • Same Quality, Much Less Expensive - You can't tell the difference between HERCULES braided line and other more expensive brands. - From verified fishing gear purchase reviews.
  • Superior Cast Experience - 8X strands braided with DIAMOND WEAVE structure, smoother and rounder for casting much farther. Super silky and thin diameter and low memory, fishing reel capacity is better.
  • Great Knot Strength & Abrasion Resistance - Made from UHMWPE, the world's strongest PE fiber, enhanced coating technology for more durable use, killing nightmares of losing the big one.
  • Zero Stretch & High Sensitivity - No stretch, incredible sensitivity to detect even the slightest fish bite on your baits, and have faster, more powerful hooksets.
  • Compare to monofilament fishing line and fluorocarbon fishing line, HERCULES braid fishing line performs great in trout fishing, bass fishing, surf fishing, ice fishing, carp fishing and helps you yank fish out of the toughest of situations.

Product Description

Why HERCULES Braided Fishing Line?

HERCULES fishing line braid is made from the world's super-strong PE fiber and coated with unique technology, resulting in incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength at an affordable budget for freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Enhanced heavy duty fishing line technology with a thinner diameter boosts extra-long and effortless casting distance, and you can spool more saltwater fishing line onto your spincast reel.

Multiple Colors and Sizes

Fish Confidently with 15 awesome colors in all water conditions. Available in 100-2000m spooler from 6 lbs. to 300 lb. breaking strength. HERCULES has the right line for you!

Cast Further and Better

Perfect for both baitcaster rod, surf fishing rod, trolling rod, saltwater fishing rod and reel combos applications, soft and supple while providing more accurate and longer casting distance.


The no-stretch properties provide incredible sensitivity to detect bites instantly and identify if the fishing bait is working correctly while you can easily feel bottom structure or other obstacles.

Faster Cutting Water

The smooth, compact, round braid fishing line saltwater construction helps the fishing lures faster to reach the target water layer than ever.

Put HERCULES fishing line on all of your fishing reel and catch more fish!

Whether you fish for walleye, panfish, muskie, catfish, or fishing around structures of bridges, heavy grass cover, vegetation, or deep sea condition, HERCULES braid fishing lines take you where the fishes are, and sure you bring them home!

Category 4-Strand Braid 8-Strand Braid 4-Strand Braid 8-Strand Braid Fishing Hoodie Kayak Paddle Accessories
Spool Sizes 109, 328, 547, 1094, 1640, 2187 Yards 109, 328, 547, 1094, 1640, 2187 Yards 109, 328, 547, 1094 Yards 109, 328, 547, 1094 Yards
Test LB Range 6-100LB 10-300LB 6-100LB 10-120LB
Special Feature Fish confidently with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, 10m per color, optimal visibility in both fresh and saltwater Varying blue/white/black colors pattern blends naturally with open blue water conditions, especially for deep sea fishing Brighter color for maximum visibility in all water conditions Moss green color for low visibility underwater The Sun Protection Fishing hoodie is enough to be worn as a 3-season shirt. Perfect for fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, relaxing at the beach / lake / waterpark, zero insect bites. Designed to keep catfish rod, surf rod, fish stringer, fishing knot tying tool, fishing pliers, fishing poles for men safe but also ideal for kayak fishing accessories, deep sea fishing rods, a must-have fishing gear and equipment in tackle box.

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