Huey House Orb Candle Holders & Tray Decor Set ( 16 inch Decorative Bowl & 2 Spheres ), Coffee Table Decor or Centerpieces for Dining Room Table or Kitchen Counter, Gift Boxed, Light Brown & White

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  • Add a modern touch to any room with this stylish table centerpiece and tealight candle holder set
  • Use this versatile ornamental candle decor set to effortlessly design kitchen table centerpieces
  • Separate out the candle holders for tables and add dried flowers to create a large decorative bowl
  • Add sand, shells and sea trinkets to primp rustic beach inspired coastal centrepieces for tables
  • Home decor gifts of decorative candle centerpieces friends will love [candles & accents not included]

Product Description

Versatile Decorative Piece - Looks great in any setting and complements many decor styles

Makes a timeless addition to your home decor

The elegant design make this piece a timeless addition, befitting of a range of home decor styles e.g. rustic, shabby chic, industrial, classy, old-world, contemporary, farmhouse or homestead, boho or tribal. Add additional accessories to suit a beachside or hamptons looks.

Bringing together Premium Quality Material, Elegant Design and Fine Craftsmanship

Generous Sizes

Generously sized decorative bowl set will allow you to create a beautiful focal point for any room.

Functional and Beautiful

Create a relaxed, peaceful, meditative space or use as a romantic centerpiece for your dining room setting.

Minimalist Decor

Simply and elegantly add a touch of class to with this table decoration for living rooms and dining tables.

Simple Lines

Simple lines couple with neutral blend of color tones of caramel brown and off-white, in a distressed, rustic textured surface complements a range of interior designs.

Beautiful and Functional

Mesmerizing Focal Point

This decorative tea light candle centerpiece creates a mesmerizing focal vignette for any space.

Flexible Placement

Separate pieces allow you to change up your decor by rearranging and displaying components separately.

Quality Finish

Combines high quality material with beautiful design and fine craftsmanship to create beautiful decorative pieces that will elevate any space.

Protective Bases

Each set is fitted with a protective, non-skid base that preserves fragile surfaces and stablizes each piece.

Infuse Beauty and Functionality

Add a touch of class and create a welcoming ambiance with this ​premium 3 piece tea light candle holder set proudly offered by Huey House. Stylish​, neutral color tones of caramel-brown and off-white with a distressed, rustic texture will stage well with a range of interior colors.

2 varying sized orbs and ​a decorative tray​, with a heavy premium-feel​, present multiple display options.

Functional as well as beautiful, this arrangement can stand alone as modern minimalist house decor, or with the addition of scented tea lights become aromatic candles, offering gentle romantic mood lighting.

Never grow bored with this versatile table decor, add accessories to change up your home decor in an endless number of ways. Add accessories such as ocean decor ornaments to create a beachside or Hamptons look.

Perfect ​as a table​ ​centerpiece or shelf decor, use this modern decor set​ to decorate and elevate the home office, study, or den, bedroom or bathroom, entryway or hallway table, console or living room mantle. Use as a coffee table decor centerpiece; or focal point for relaxation for meditation, yoga or reiki spaces.

Generously sized and artistically appointed this home decoration set is the perfect accent for old-world through to contemporary room decor.

High quality and durable craftsmanship assures that you will enjoy this ​decorative bowl set​ for years to come. A ​non-skid base​ to protect your delicate surfaces and provide sturdy, stable home accessories.

Product Details:

  • (1) Large Orb - 4.72” x 4.72” x 3.95”
  • (1) Small Orb - 3.75” x 3.75” x 3.15”
  • (1) Decorative Tray/Bowl - 16.14” x 12.6” x 3.15”
  • (1) Gift Box - 17.32” x 13.78” x 7.68”

Material: Polyresin

Color: Two-tone off white and light brown (caramel)

Beautifully ​gift boxed​, a perfect ​gift​ idea suitable for many occasions or add as a timeless addition to your home or business decor today.

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