Isaac Jacobs Clear Acrylic Serving Tray (11x14) with Cutout Handles, Spill-Proof, Stackable Organizer, Space-Saver, Food & Drinks Server, Indoors/Outdoors, Lucite Storage Décor & More

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Color: Clear
Size: 14x18
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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This Isaac Jacob Clear Acrylic Serving Tray is a multi-purpose necessity for any home and an ideal decorative companion for your ottoman and coffee table. Perfect for serving meals and snacks, arranging toiletries and cosmetics on a bathroom vanity, storing remote controls in the living room, and turning your sofa into a cozy workstation. It is a great accessory for your outdoor patio furniture and can be your go-to tray for entertaining on the deck in the spring or summer time.
  • CLEAR & STURDY: The 11”x 14” tray is made of Lucite making it sturdy and durable for everyday use. Whether you are serving friends appetizers, a charcuterie plate, a cup of coffee, or bowls of popcorn, this tray makes entertaining more convenient. The tray’s cutout handles remove the hassle of carrying take-out food, a pita and hummus platter, or fruit and veggies. The tray’s clear design will blend in with the décor of any room and compliment your sofa, kitchen island and bar countertop.
  • MULTI-USE: Not only does this versatile tray make a lovely caddy for scented candles but it can be used as a cosmetics and makeup tray, an electronic tablet holder, or a dessert-serving tray. Display your collection of bourbon glasses, storage mason jars, decorative bowls, and flower bouquets on this sharp accessory. Whether you use the tray as a chic home for vintage barware, or a cute tray to store your children’s books, the possibilities are seemingly endless!
  • SPILL-PROOF: Enjoy worry-free mimosas and orange juice with your breakfast in bed over the weekend. The corners of the tray are sealed to contain spills from dripping through the edges and on to the rug. Serve your guests a pot of tea, beer, ice cream, or chips and dips during game night. Throw a fondue party or carry cookies and milk with these trays. Your messes can be wiped away with a clean paper towel or use a damp cloth to remove stickiness. [Note: Do not use window cleaner on acrylic]
  • IDEAL GIFT: This clear, acrylic serving tray makes a perfect gift for the holidays, house-warming parties, or any occasion. Your friends, family, and co-workers will appreciate a homeware gift they can use all around the house, or just admire how attractive it looks on a cabinet in the dining room. Trays of the same size are conveniently stackable to save space. There are six other sizes to choose from and these decorative serving trays come in square, rectangular, and octagonal shapes.

Size:11x14  |  Color:Clear

This Isaac Jacob Clear Acrylic Serving Tray is more than just an ideal companion for your ottoman and a handy space-saving accessory to have in your house. It is a necessity for apartment living and it will de-clutter any countertop. Use this chic 11”x 14” tray to arrange and display remote controls, drink coasters, candles, magazines, or coffee table books. Whether you are serving snacks, drinks, and appetizers to guests; or carrying plates of cake for the family, this multi-use tray will do the trick. Host friends for wine and cheese on a summer weekend and entertain guests on the patio with your go-to tray. The tray’s sleek, clear design makes for a decorative addition to your kitchen counter, bedroom, bathroom vanity, or wherever you choose to use it. Made of high-quality acrylic, with stylish cutout handles, the tray’s see-through design blends into the décor of any room. This versatile server can be used as an organizer for your bathroom accessories and cosmetics, displaying cotton swab containers, apothecary bottles, and makeup items on a large bathroom vanity space. Organize your office supplies in the tray and work from your couch. Decrease clutter and bring order to the rooms that need it most. Go ahead and enjoy a cozy weekend morning of breakfast in bed, or bring your kids soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Whether you are serving wine and cheese or nachos and beer, there is no need to worry about messes. The edges of the Lucite tray are sealed, so spilled liquid will not drip through the edges. Messes can be easily wiped away with a clean cloth or a damp paper towel. Trays of the same size are conveniently stackable to save space. There are six other sizes to choose from and these serving trays come in square, rectangular, and octagonal shapes. This tray is an ideal choice for a wedding present or a house-warming gift for a friend, but you will want to warm your home with one first. [Note: Do not use window cleaner on acrylic]

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