Joyjolt Faye 13Oz Highball Glasses, 6Pc Tall Glass Sets. Lead-Free Crystal Glass Drinking Glasses. Water Glasses, Mojito Glass Cups, Tom Collins Bar Glassware, and Mixed Drink Cocktail Glass Set

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  • A RATHER CLASSY GLASS: On the surface it may look like an average highball glass. But this is the JoyJolt Faye Glass, and it’s anything but average. Crafted from Lead-Free Crystal and 2.5” wide it’s the perfect sized drinking glass for ice, and the perfect glass for your finest and shiniest cocktails!
  • LOVELY TO BEHOLD: With its slimline 2.5” grip, 1.7oz heft and 3mm rolled rim, Faye alcohol glasses feel fantastic to hold. They’re light enough so as not to weigh your summer mojito down, but not so light that you feel as though it would break when you SET it down. Take a sip of satisfaction and see.
  • LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL GLASSES: Notice how thick, robust and slender your skinny drink glasses are. Strong crystal glass like this is free from glass bubbles, easier to set down without worrying about breakage, and easier to clean. These 6” Tall drink glasses are Dishwasher Safe and effortless to fit!
  • FOR DAILY USE: When you’re not filling your 13oz glass cups with a vibrant cocktail, you’ll also love using them as sturdy kitchen glasses and general drinkware. Popular as: a fresh squeezed juice glass that makes colors pop, dainty iced tea glasses, mocktail glasses, water glass and 12oz skinny beer glass
  • SECURELY BOXED: Faye 6 PC Bar Glasses Sets for the home, come securely bubble-wrapped in a thick box, so any plans for gifting will be success! Affordably priced for this type of quality, and with a 12 Month Guarantee, they’re a practical and beautiful gift for anyone who likes to imbibe joy.

Product Description

Use The Fancy Glasses Every Day.

On the surface it may look like an average highball. But this is the JoyJolt Faye Set of 6 Glasses,and it’s anything but average. Crafted from Lead-Free Crystal, 2.5” wide and with a 13oz capacity - it’s the perfect size and feel of drinking glass for all those fancy drinks. It’s durable for daily use, for things like water and iced tea treats, and strong enough to handle a few celebratory toasts.

Another Mojito, Please.

Nothing says “cheers” like the clink of crystal. But listen, because not all barware is durable enough for a celebration!

Each Faye glass is 1.7oz and crafted from Lead-Free Crystal, mineralized for durability, and the rim is 3mm thick! So go ahead and enjoy a fancy toast! And, because we used this particular polished crystal, you’ll enjoy the bubble-less, diamond shine. Aperol Spritz’ pops, Tonics mesmerize with their fluoro tones, and Mimosa’s burst into a sparkling display of orange joy!

Mixed Drinks Just Taste Better From Crystal

Satisfying to Behold

This 1.7oz glass is only 2.75” wide with a solid thick base and 3mm rolled rim. It’s the perfect combination of heft and size that feels light, solid, and fancy to sip from.

Crystal, but for Daily Use!

Each glass holds 13floz of mixed drink that appears to dance beneath a crystal shine. But they’re also strong so you can use them daily for juice, water and iced tea.

Thick, Rolled Rims

We crafted this highball with a thick, rolled rim so each sip tastes like a true bar-made cocktail and it feels as though you’re holding something very special in your hands.

Dishwasher Safe

Just like all robust JoyJolt Glasses, these strong glasses are dishwasher safe. And if you do handwash, you’ll enjoy knowing they won’t fall apart in your hands.

The Faye 6PC Set of Straight Highball Glasses is designed in the USA and Each Item is Individually Packed for Safety.

Glass Lead-Free Crystal Lead-Free Crystal Lead-Free Crystal Lead-Free Glass Lead-Free Glass
Type Curved Straight Stemless Champagne Pilsner Style “Pub” Style
Dishwasher Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Securely Packed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Purpose Champagne, Bubbly, and Mimosas! Mixed Drinks, Water, Iced Tea, Mocktails, Mimosas! Mixed Drinks, Water, Iced Tea, Mocktails, Long Island Iced Tea Pilsners, IPA’s and Craft Beer 12oz Guinness, Stout, Ales, Lagers and any Pints!
Capacity 18 oz 13 oz 9.6 oz 15.5 oz 19 oz
Number in Set 4 6 8 4 4
Weight per Glass 2.5oz 1.7oz 0.6oz 1.75oz 1.75oz

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