KATUMO Bird Toys, Natural Coconut Bird House with Colorful Ladder Hanging Chewing Toys Hammock Climbing Ladder Bird Colorful Toys with Bells for Parakeet, Conure, Cockatiel, Mynah, Love Birds, Finch

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  • DESIGN FEATURES: KATUMO exclusive bird coconut house and chew toys are crafted with natural coconut shell, wooden blocks/beads and acrylic plastic, dyed with edible pigments, safe for birds to chew and peck
  • ENCOURAGE INSTINCTS: The parakeet toys can meet little parrots' daily needs for shredding, foraging, preening, climbing, exploring and sleeping. With vivid colors and crisp bells easily attracting pet birds' attention, encourage them to climb and nibble for keeping health
  • ENRICHMENT BENEFITS: The budgie toys with various texture toys will not only entertain with its fun to tear and chew block beads and bells, birdies also enjoy the physical activities of hanging, swinging and spinning by griping the coconut hut or climbing the ladders
  • TO BE HAPPY BIRDS: Hiding favorite bird treats/snacks inside the coconut hideout for cockatiels to enjoy the foraging pastime, help lessen boredom, depression and destructive behaviors. Or put some bedding to make a cozy and warm nest for helping little birdies to get through the cold winter. Perfect for parakeet, conure, lovebird, budgie and more similar small size parrots
  • FANTASTIC CAGE DECORS: With active hook and stainless chain, easy to install on the top and side of the pet cage. The 8pcs charming parrot toys can be nice decors for your beloved birdies' habitat as well as a pretty gift for friends who keep birds

Product Description

KATUMO Colorful Bird Toys Enrich Pet Bird's Life.


KATUMO parrot toys are made of natural wood & non-toxic ABS materials, totally handmade, safe to peck, chew and play.

These pet bird toys, can give your pets hours of mental stimulation and fun, help them keep fitness and active.


Bird breeding nest is made of natural coconut shell, with six-section colorful ladders, high-quality hemp rope hardware, strong and durable.

Natural coconut bird nest, can store food and seeds. When the weather is getting cold, you can put some grass into the coconut nest, give your pets a warm winter.

Please check the coconut hideout after hanging, to make sure it won't fall.


All bird cage accessories come with an active hook which is easy to connect to the top of your pet cage.

With vivid colors and crisp bells' sounds, your pet friends will surely enjoy these colorful toys.


  • These colorful bird toys are 100% SAFE for birds to chew, NO ANY harmful and chemical color gel added.
  • Since there's NO any color gel added to fix the colors, so the colors of the parakeet toys will FADE while immersing into water or get wet.
  • We recommond to clean the lovebird toys with a soft, clean and dry cloth. And DO NOT hang outdoor when it's raining.
  • Natural wood is NOT perfect, cracks or tree eyes are unavoidable.
  • Measured by physical objects, please allow manual measurement of 0.1-1 inch error.


  • Coconut house with ladders x1
  • Climbing rotated ladder x1
  • Wooden perch x1
  • Chain swing toy x1
  • Hanging bells x1
  • Hanging chew toys x3

KATUMO 8 pack bird toys suit for small parrots, finches. Meanwhile, the coconut hideout also can be a good habitat for hamsters, rats, assquirrel or other small pets to poke around and find new places to hide.

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