Kewkont Bird Parrot Toys,Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy for Birds,Suitable for Small Parakeets,Budgie,Macaws,Conures,Finches,Love Birds

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  • Material - The seaweed foraging wall bird toy is made of the highest quality seaweed, wooden rattan and colorful wooden bead toy parts.
  • Toy Benefits - The Seagrass Foraging Wall Bird Toy is designed not only to entertain, but also to satisfy the natural instincts of birds to chew and forage, allowing pet birds to spend each day climbing and chewing
  • Functionality:Relieving the bird's troubles through pleasant sports can help prevent pet birds from getting bored and depressed as well as depression
  • Easy to install: just hang the hook on the product on the top of the bird cage
  • [service] - every bird habits and hobby is different. If your pet parrot is not interested in this product, or, if you receive products have any quality problems (not including artificial damage) or parts are missing, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer

A wealth of toys can largely fill the gap in the owner's company, so that pets live alone, not too boring life When they own these toys, they will have fun, not because of the lack of playmates, but will show madness, depression, mental distress, self-harm, and even the owner to show aggression These toys can exercise parrots' leg muscles, enhance their physique, and train their behavior to behave smarter

Weight: 100g

Materials:Natural seaweed

Suitable for conures,budgerigar, lovebirds and other small and medium-sized parrots

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