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  • 🐦This ladder is made from 100% natural wood. It is totally handmade with bright bird like colors that are visually appealing to the pets and their owners. When meeting the water, the product has a noticeable fade to ensure that no artificial gel and colors has been used. It is therefore safe for the pets and will not harm them. The wood used to construct this product is natural, therefore you might notice some cracks on the product.
  • 🐦Length Includes the metal clasps, ladder width is 10cm, the thickness is 1.5 cm, bar spacer is 5cm. This measurements are perfect for different pets and can fit in large cages that would other wise need custom made products for the perfect fitting. The bright bird like colors are a good way to add color to the pets cages as they are visually appealing to all the pets named, most especially parrots.
  • 🐦The product is meant for encouraging pet exercises by developing balance and coordination. It is made with a funny design that will keep the pet and their owners entertained while developing their skills. There is also a crawling toy bridge in the package ad a wooden swing perfect for parrots, hamsters, mouse and rats.
  • 🐦Package comes with a total of four metal clasps included and and pet toy ladder. The product is the right size and can be hanged across a large pet cage. It is perfectly built for free movement of the pets while assuring safety and durability. The ladder is large enough if hanged in a spacious cage and the pets can freely swing from it and enjoy.
  • 🐦Click and add to cart, this is the best gift for your baby!!

Product Description

Mrli Pet Products Naturals Wood Ladder bird toy is handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materials providing your bird with mental stimulation and rugged physical play. Made with environmentally conscious hevea wood branches, the irregular shape of this bird toy encourages foot exercise. Toy connects easily to cage with quick-link attachments and is hand made - actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play. Our Naturals Ladder bird toy is ideal for Small to Medium sized birds.

This ladder is very sturdy and of excellent quality.This would be perfect for amazons, parakeets, and conures if put in a area they use for function of a bridge or ladder.

Great exercise! One of the best additions to his cage to prevent boredom when I can't let him out. My bird is a chewer when he gets bored and this ladder has stood up extremely well.I hope you do if you have a parrot! I recommend this item for it's longevity and it's ability to amuse your bird.


This Ladder is huge lol! So much bigger than I thought it was. I am just glad that I am getting a bigger cage soon! But with that said my birds love it. They get to swinging on it and talking lol. They are happy with it that is for sure! It is very sturdy and well made. The way it attacthes is by hook latches and would be especially nice for bigger birds. MY birds are in heaven with all the bright colors and this gigantic ladder.

This ladder parrot hours of fun climbing chewin swinging

EASY TO INSTALL-Your bird (small and medium)will love to swing on ladders,Flexible bendable ladder, fits most cages, steel hook connects to cage easily.

VIVID COLOR- Makes your birds happy. They will love to swing on ladders. Perfect decoration for your bird cage.

100% NATURAL AND SAFE MATERIAL- 100-percent natural, various colors stimulates the visual sense. It’s safe for your lovely birds.

FOR ALL SMALL AND MEDIUM BIRDS -It is suitable for all small and medium birds, such as parakeets, cockatiels, conure, lovebirds, African grey and small macaw.

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