Leftover Christmas Turkey Cookbook: Turkey Pot Pie, Turkey Sandwich and Other Recipes for Leftover Holiday Turkey (Christmas Cookbook Book 11)

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56 Leftover Christmas Turkey Recipes in This Cookbook

The holidays are here! Or maybe they just ended. You have turkey and lots of it! Maybe your grocery store gave you a free turkey for being such a good customer. Maybe the grocery store was selling turkeys so cheap that you just couldn’t pass up the deal. Maybe you had Thanksgiving or Christmas at your house and you over estimated how much you would need. Maybe you went to a friend or family member’s house for the holidays and they insisted in giving you all the leftovers.Any of these reasons can end up with the same result: Too much turkey! Never fear! This cookbook is here with tons of delicious, mouth-watering turkey recipes for you to make and enjoy!

Recipes Include:

  • Turkey Tetrazzi
  • Turkey Noodle Casserole
  • Turkey Enchiladas
  • Turkey Chili
  • Turkey Pot Pie
  • Turkey and Wild Rice Soup
  • Turkey Bake
  • Thai Curry Turkey
  • Turkey Lasagna
  • Turkey Reuben
  • Turkey Arepas
  • Cheesy Leftover Turkey and Mashed Potato Bites
  • Leftover Turkey Gumbo
  • Turkey Croquettes
  • Turkey Sloppy Joes
  • Turkey Pizza
  • Turkey Panini
  • Turkey Gnocchi Soup
  • Turkey Fajitas
  • Turkey Stew
  • Leftover Turkey Salad
  • Turkey Jambalaya
  • Turkey Soup
  • Turkey Bolognese
  • Turkey Nachos
  • Turkey Cheesecake
  • Turkey Hash
  • Turkey Quiche
  • Turkey Pasta Bake
  • Turkey Chowder
  • Tex-Mex Turkey Chilaquiles
  • Leftover Turkey Stroganoff
  • Turkey Puffs
  • Turkey a la King
  • Turkey and Rice Casserole
  • Turkey Tamales
  • Turkey Burritos
  • Turkey Cutlets
  • Turkey Taco Salad
  • Turkey and Yam Spicy Tacos
  • Turkey and Stuffing Casserole
  • Turkey Potato Casserole
  • Southwestern Turkey Casserole
  • Leftover Turkey Stuffed Shells
  • Turkey Carcass Soup
  • Slow Cooker Turkey and Dumplings
  • Turkey Kabobs
  • Leftover Turkey Curry
  • Leftover Turkey Patties
  • Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing
  • Turkey Bone Soup
  • Turkey Stuffed Peppers
  • Leftover Turkey Salad
  • Southwest Turkey Bean Salad
  • East Indian Curried Turkey
  • Maple Mustard Sauced Turkey Thighs

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