Mandy'S 20Pcs White Flowers Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers 13.5" for Easter Day Home Kitchen Wedding Decorations

Color: Orange and White
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  • Materials: Flower is made of soft Polyurethane (PU), stem is made of Plastic.
  • Size: Full height: 13.5”/35cm; Each flower head diameter:1.5”/3.8cm. Including 20pcs tulips per pack and vase not included.
  • Our designers used the color of real tulips as a reference to create variety of colors. hope they looks more like real flowers. In addition, the designers use their imagination to give this tulip more colors, symbolizing a colorful life. We hope to give people who like tulips a good life experience, and more colors are still being continuously updated.
  • Our design concept is based on real tulips, and the table and popular vase size of many families. Under these conditions this mini tulip was born. It looks more real and more suitable as a centerpiece. Tulip has individual stem, they are soft and easy to bend or cut, it may DIY any of decorations you like.
  • Different color can be used in different scenes. Such as sunset or orange can DIY to the carrot wreath in Easter. Green tulips can be used as decorations for St. Patrick's Day. When Christmas day coming, red tulips will be a good choice. Another special color is black, use it for Halloween, make amazing decorations.
  • If you want these flowers to look like growing in water, you may put them in a glass vase with water. And, you may water the surface of the flower head to make the tulips looks fresh.
  • Artificial tulips are a good choice at the wedding party. Either use them as the bridal bouquet or put them as the centerpieces on the table. Use your imagination to create a romantic wedding party that belongs to you. One most important thing, after wedding party, you may keep the bouquet or brooch as the souvenir. At your more years anniversary, looking for your memorable days with your lover.
  • Make of your own bouquet. You may put tulips with calla lilies, peonies, roses and some green leaves together, make a beautiful bouquet. Use the beautiful packing outside the bouquet, it will be a good gift for your mother, father friends and everyone you loved.
  • Applicable for: Home, office, shop, party, garden, centerpiece, Wedding, and special events.CHZAKYNTONG
  • There may be some smell due to the sealed packaging. Please put them in a good ventilation room for about 3-5 days after receiving the flowers, the smell will fade until it’s disappear. Please avoid direct sunshine for white tulips (made of polyurethane), since it is easy to oxidize and yellowing.

Product Description

Welcome to Mandy’s world! Full of flowers and full of love!

Who is Mandy’s? Mandy’s provides various artificial flowers and plants.

What does Mandy’s want? Wish to bring you a beautiful experience.

What are the characteristics of Mandy’s artificial flowers?

**Real looking and real touch

**Strict quality control: You will be surprised and satisfied with the flowers you receive!

**Excellent Pursuit: Mandy's is customer-centric, constantly improves the quality and designs artificial flowers.

Now, Let’s start the artificial tulips journey!

Mandy's artificial tulips basic information:

**Flower language: Tulips means eternal blessing, love, beauty, reputation

**Material: Polyurethane (PU)

**Package: 20 pcs artificial tulip flowers per pack.

**Bouquet Size: 14”H X 8”W

**Color: White (More amazing colors coming soon)

**Structure: Individual stems, easy to cut or bend. DIY your own bouquet.

**Condition: 100% Brand New


It’s a great choice to make your home looks cozier. Put tulips as the centerpiece when Christmas comes, It will add freshness to your home in winter.

Party Decorations

The artificial tulips can decorate your different theme parties. It can be a centerpiece or may use as the bridal bouquets. Also the tulips as the gifts for lover or mother. And, we have many colors for selection.

More DIY...

You can DIY your creative grouping with your imagination!

Door Decorations

Use artificial tulips to DIY a door wreath or flower baskets as door decorations. It's enjoyable to see artificial tulips like real flowers at your home even in wintertime.

Artificial tulips Maintenance!

**If you put flowers in a place or outdoors for a long time, they will be covered with dust. You can gently wipe the flowers with a wet towel to restore their original beauty.

** Slight deformation at flowers or leaves due to normal extrusion in daily use can be recovered easily by simple manual adjustment.

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Real Touch
Material PU+Plastic Silk+Plastic PU+Plastic Plastic SILK SILK+Plastic
Real Touch

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