Meric 6 Pack Sola Atta Foraging Balls, 2-Inches, Chewing Bird Toys, Satisfies Pecking Instincts in Parrots, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Chinchillas, and Guinea Pigs,Unique Addition to DIY Home Decor

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  • Valuable Pecking Entertainment --- To keep your pet birds mentally and physically active, it is important to provide them with toys in different shapes and sizes. The round shape and unique textured pattern in each shola plant tissue is a welcome change in your bird’s daily dose of entertainment.
  • Perfect Foraging Toy For Birds --- In the wild, birds instinctively forage for food by tearing up branches and pecking holes in trees. The 6-pack food foraging Sola Atta balls from Meric encourage this inherent behavior by making them work for their treats and bird seed is hidden inside.
  • Edible Chew Toy --- Crafted using the spongy tissue inside the stems of the sola plant, the bird toy from Meric is edible. There are no dyes, glue, wire, plastic or any other materials that may have an adverse impact, ensuring the overall well-being of your pet.
  • Overall Development Of Small Pets --- Small pets such as chinchilla, hamsters, and gerbils love to nibble on sola atta chew toys that is not only fun for them, but also beneficial to their oral upkeep. Teeth in guinea pigs and rabbits grow throughout their lives, so it is very important to give them chew toys to keep them at an optimal size.
  • Gentle Enough For Disabled And Older Pets --- Unlike harder woods or materials, the 6 Sola Atta Balls provide easy chewing and pecking for older birds or those with beak handicaps. Softer than yucca or balsa wood, the chew ball is fun for gentle, non-aggressive birds who shy away from other toys.

Product Description

Why is the Sola Plant Used?

Commonly referred to as the Shola or Sola Pith Plant, the Aeschynomene Aspera is a flowering plant in the Fabaceae family. One of the most lightweight woods in the world, sola has a density of polystyrene (thermocol) and has a corky texture. The 6-pack Sola Atta Ball by Meric is made using the soft tissue found in the stems. This pecking or chew toy has a spongy texture which is irresistible to your small to medium sized feathered friends.

What Fun Activities can I do with the Chew Ball?

When pets get lonely and stressed out, they can get destructive and even aggressive. To avoid negative behavior like feather picking and screaming, alleviate boredom by keeping your birds and small pets mentally and physically engaged with the Sola Atta Ball Toy. There are many encouraging activities similar to those that occur in their native habitat to keep them happy. For smaller birds like lovebirds, parakeets and budgies, put treats like Safflower seeds and pine nuts in the holes of the sola ball and hang it from the center of your bird cage. Larger birds such as macaws, parrots, and African Greys prefer to carry around the lightweight toy in their beaks.

Can I Use This in DIY Home Decor?

With a unique beauty, the sola atta ball looks great in a variety of DIY crafts from home decor for yourself to create gifts for others. They are often used for making homemade foraging tools by weaving in straws of hay, long slices of vegetables and bits of fruit. The round, textured balls can be painted or dyed and are traditionally incorporated into Indian artworks, toys and decorative objects of worship.

Product Specifications:

- Sola Atta Ball (6 pcs per pack)

- Size - 2" (5cm)

Meric Pet Pro Tips:

1). Sola Atta Ball is most suitable for small to medium birds, as large birds may eat them within hours.

2). Some birds become a little nervous while traveling. Giving them the Sola Atta Balls to play is the right way to keep them busy.

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