MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys for Macaws, African Grey, Parrots

Color: Multicolor-African Grey Bird Toy
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  • Extra large with size 18", this bird chewing toy is suggested for Macaw, , African grey cockatoos, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, Ara ararauna, Ara glaucogularis, Ara militaris, Ara ambiguus, Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara rubrogenys, Ara severa, Primolius couloni, Diopsittaca nobilis.
  • This parrot block toy's type is stylish and attractive, which will catch bird's eyes immediately.
  • The hardware part is made of high quality chain that is strong enough to last long-time chewing span.
  • The color is bright and vivid, which is a beautiful decor to hang into the cage or wall at home.
  • Great chewing and preening parrot toy to kill time and give dental care for your beloved birds.

Product Description

Let's take a look at the product details!

Colorful high-quality wooden blocks

Bold stainless steel chain

Colored and strong knots

Can play while eating

Parrots can bite the knot

Two parrots can play together

Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys

Thick Material

Bite and crawl are the instincts of birds. This product is brightly colored, with many cubes and knots, which will attract your bird to keep playing.

  • The hardware part is made of high-quality chain, strong enough to withstand long-term chewing.
  • The wood block is made of natural wood, which is safe to chew, hygienic, and has no glue, wires or plastic.

Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys for Cockatoos African Grey Macaws

Provide the perfect toy for your parrot pet!

Our parrot toy has an overall height of 18 inches, which is suitable for most parrots to play.

It is designed with bright colors and can easily attract the attention of the parrot in a short time. They will play with these toys for a long time every day to keep your parrot busy, reduce destructiveness and enjoy more happy time.

  • You don't have to worry that the toy is too small to withstand the weight of the parrot, because we use high-quality stainless steel chains, and the key parts are bolded. It is very strong.
  • We also use a solid knot, which allows your parrot to bite and chew as much as you want, and provide dental care for your beloved birds.
  • The colorful wooden blocks are fashionable and bright, which are very eye-catching. This is not only a parrot toy, but also a beautiful decoration.
  • The color of the rope and wood block is made of food dye.

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