MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker, Hidden Vehicle Tracker and Monitoring System with Real Time Location GPS Reports, For Auto, Adults, Fleet, Parents, Teen, Elderly, 4G with Phone App

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  • USA, CANADA, & MEXICO COMPATIBLE — Our GPS vehicle tracker currently works in the United States and internationally in North America, so you know exactly where your assets are at between 3 countries.
  • LOW MONTHLY COST — $19.50/month for cellular network that transports your data wirelessly, no activation or cancelation fees
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - Reliable GPS tracking with no surprise loss in power by running off your vehicle's power.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES - (Device cost + $19.50 monthly service fee). No activation fees. No cancellation fees. No upgrade fees.
  • FAMILY FOCUS - The only GPS tracker on the market that is developed with input from driving instructors and law enforcement to focus on teen safety to encourage open and honest conversation at home.

Product Description

GPS System Features

Daily Drivers Report Card

Receive the driver's report card that scores and summarizes your teen's driving for the day. MOTOsafety users have even received discounts on insurance rates by sharing their report cards with their providers.

Route Replay

At the end of each day, you can review your teen's entire driving route for the day, as well as where unsafe driving occurred. MOTOsafety lets parents monitor the location of their teen driver in real time. The system, using GPS tracking, captures key safe driving activities such as speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.

Geofence Capability

The system will let you know when the vehicle enters and exists locations that you have identified on the map (this is a geofence(. A geofence can be a school, workplace, or a best friend's house and is a virtual boundary on the map.

Get Up and Running in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Activate Your Device

Visit the URL in your onboarding guide to setup your account and register your device.

Step 2: Don't Forget the Monthly Fee

Yes, a low monthly fee is required in order to access the 4G network to track via GPS (just like a cell phone).

Step 3: Install Your Device

Our device installs in seconds simply by plugging into the OBDII port under the dashboard (works with all vehicles made after 1996).

Step 4: Get Tracking!

Download our mobile app and customize your tracker with specific alerts as needed - or use it straight out of the box. That's it!

Unique Benefits with MOTOsafety

  • Installs in seconds (simply plug and play)
  • Helps your new driver to develop safer driving habits through driver scorecards and coaching
  • Encourages open and honest conversation between parents and teens
  • No batteries = no unexpected loss in GPS signal and tracking
  • Keep vehicles running safely with maintenance schedules and alerts (great for college students away from home).

Driving Coach Program

MOTOsafety offers a comprehensive driving course program that takes your new teen driver through all the steps of acquiring their license. The course provides blogs, external resources and interactive quizzes for your teen to engage with so they will feel more comfortable before they take the test.

Easy-To-Use Mobile App

Get peace of mind wherever you are with MOTOsafety's mobile app. You get real-time updates on your teen's location and alerts straight to your mobile device. The mobile app is compatible for both IOS and Android devices.

Dont' forget to activate!

MOTOsafety is a simple, easy to use GPS tracking system, and activating your service is just as easy. Once you get your MOTOsafety device, check out our quick-start guide in the box that will lead you through the required step-by-step process to get your GPS device up and running.

Not just for Teens!

We designed MOTOsafety devices with senior drivers in mind as well! Do you have an aging parent or loved one who you've started to worry about when they're behind the wheel? MOTOsafety is a simple and easy to use GPS tracking system that works well for monitoring both teen and elderly drivers.

Fleet Management

Looking for fleet tracking? Check out our sister-company, Linxup.

The Linxup web-based fleet management software keeps you on top of your fleet in real-time. Easy to use maps, insightful reports and tools like customizable alerts and maintenance schedules will help you reduce costs and increase overall fleet efficiency.

Why Choose MOTOsafety?

We know there are a lot of GPS trackers out there to choose from. Here are a few things that we believe set us apart from the crowd:

  • Simple plug-and-play OBD devices that install in seconds
  • No batteries needed! No unexpected loss in GPS signal and/or tracking related to low battery life. Plus, you'll get alerts when your devices are tampered with or become unplugged.
  • No hidden fees! While some products require a fee for activation, improved service or faster data, our cost (Device cost + monthly service fee) covers updates and support for our mobile app, firmware updates, cellular service, and 60-second location reporting.
  • Specifically developed with input from driving instructors and law enforcement to focus on teen safety.
  • Get more than just GPS tracking! Keep vehicles safe by staying up to date on maintenance schedules with notifications in advance of needed service - great for relatives out of state or kids away at school.
  • Live, US-based support team.
  • User friendly mobile app for iOS and Android, along with email/text alerts
  • Our products are not made for spying on spouses (use the other guys for that). Our products are designed to encourage open and honest conversations between parents and teens - enriching relationships and coaching your new teen driver to safer driving habits.

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