NETANY Carafe Set for Mimosa Bar Includes 4 Pack Glass Carafe with Lids, 1 Mimosa Bar Sign, 8 Table Cards, 8 Label Tags and 1 Gold Marker for Mimosa Bar, Bridal/Baby Shower and Brunch Decorations

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  • ALL YOU NEED IN KIT: This mimosa bar kit has 4 glass carafes and a complete set of mimosa bar supplies including a hanging sign, a gold foil poster, 8 bowl table cards, 8 label tags (with strings), a gold marker and a plastic threading needle. Everything you need to set up your mimosa bar is included.
  • NECESSITIES TO THE VIBE OF SHOWER BARS: It becomes easy to set up mimosa bars with this kit for all the necessary items and matched ornaments for bubbly parties to create a cozy but themed vibe. The style of the items inside this set is unified, which would save you hours of prep time and solve collocation troubles but impress all the guests with the beautiful, classy and elegant scene.
  • PREMIUM GLASS CARAFE: This carafe is made of thicker glass which makes the bottle much more stronger and durable than some other flimsy carafes. With this thickened glass, it has nice shatter-resistance and crack-resistance and totally lead-free, BUT NOT FOR BOILING AND HOT WATER. The narrow neck is perfect for holding and pouring, wide lipped rim mouth for adding ice cubes and fruits. Also, it is dishwasher safe, very convenient for daily and party use.
  • MIMOSA BAR SUPPLIES: Beside carafes in this set is a complete set of what you need for making up your mimosa vibe. The hanging sign colored with golden glittery foil is an attractive symbol. 8” x 10” poster in gold and floral paintings is placeable for most frames. Table cards are foldable to 3.9” x 3”, label tags are 2.2” x 3.5”. Use the gold marker included to write your dishes and fruit juice options especially when you have the exclusive one.
  • MULTIPLE USE: This set is very practical for various parties and bars when you have to set up for special themes like baby shower, bachelorette weekend, Christmas party, new year’s eve, engagement party, birthday party, anniversary party, wedding reception, and home bar, etc.

Product Description


Still find it toilsome to set up a complete, flawless mimosa bar by yourself? Now, you can definitely say byebye to this frustrating situation with this product. This set of superb carafes and mimosa supplies provides all goods you need to effortlessly set up a gorgeous themed mimosa bar for you and your guests, no more selecting and matching, no more searching for necessities and no more worries about additional purchase.

Besides, the premium glass carafes in the pack are super sturdy and thick to be used not only for party supplies but also for daily uses like juice holder, cold brewed coffee maker, and milk container. With the tight fitting lids, they can offer a long-term fresh storage and extremely easy use.


  • Glass Carafe X 4
  • Plastic Lid X 4
  • Table Card X 8
  • label Tag X 8
  • Maker X 1
  • Hanging Sign X 1
  • Gold Foil Poster X 1

NOTE: The Photo Frame Not Contained



The most common-used carafes in this package are made of high-quality food-grade glass, very thick and durable, not the thin, flimsy, fragile glass carafes you find on the market. We try our best to make them thicker to be much sturdier but easy to hold and use at the same time. They are shatterproof so you don’t have to keep cautiously using which is really annoying especially when on the party or in a hurry.

The glass has no harmful chemicals or polycarbonate, totally BPA-free and LEAD-free, so nothing can leach into your beverage from the glass and nothing will bound you.


The comfortable narrow neck curve makes the whole carafe very ergonomic to be held, easy to carry and pour by one hand. Rimed mouth is a special drop-free design that can effectively prevent dripping or spilling especially when you use the pure white tablecloth with the dark color juice in carafe to pour.


These carafes are the perfect cold-brewing and fresh-storing container for that they can safely stand the low temperatures in refrigerators. If you like iced tea, cold milk or cool sangria, you shouldn’t miss it, with the proper size and well-sealed lid, it shows its properties to hold all kinds of beverages for a longer fresher.

'But First Mimosas' HANGING SIGN

What’s surprising in this package is that it has a hanging sign which you could hardly find in other packages of the market, it means no longer do you have to look hard to find a hanging sign to match your mimosa bar. This gold hanging sign is full with glittering shining powder on it that can definitely become a pop hit on your bar while it also shows your guests your party has begun and just enjoy the delicious bubbly beverages.


These table cards are very important in particular when you have your own dishes or secret meals, they are not just playing a role as introductions of the fruits you prepare for beverages, but also shows your unique designs for what your theme is and how exquisite your mimosa bar is.

With the gold marker in the package to write on, all the themes and styles match.


What’s the most importance to tell your guests your bar theme? Definitely the framed poster with elegant striking font of “Mimosa Bar” and the easy-read drinking-making steps, and a lovely cheers!

The words are still golden appearing which is the uniform color selection in line with the whole theme but with the flowers embellished, the poster is becoming unique and chic besides your bar supplies.


If you are looking for a premium food-grade glass carafe that can be serving for a long-term in daily life, these would your unmissable first choice. In this pack are four 3.2” x 10.4” glass carafes of 1 capacity with flat sit bottom and thick body, the perfect size for table drinking and fridge storing, not too large, not too small, just daily-used designed for everyone, no matter in house or in the office, and fitted well in home fridge.

It also configured with a sealed lid to keep fresh well and prevent dust and bugs flying in, of course, they do play well in particular when you holding parties preparing different beverages waiting for your guests.

The best carafes you can find serving for bubbly bars, bridal showers, Christmas, Birthday party, wedding party, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, New Years, College Graduation, St. Patrick's day, Congratulations and Job Promotion celebration.

Also great for being a gift for housewarming, birthday gifts, Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa Gifts, Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale gifts.


The carafes are dishwasher safe but the lids are not.

We recommend that carafes only be used with cold or warm water.


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Baby Shower

Bridal Shower

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