Omega One Super Color Sinking Cichlid Pellets, 4mm Large Pellets

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  • COLOR-BOOSTING NUTRITION: Omega One Sinking Cichlid Pellets are formulated with a variety of fresh seafoods and increased levels of color enhancers for your prized cichlids
  • KEEP A CLEANER TANK: Our Sinking Cichlid Pellets are naturally insoluble, which reduces water pollution, and they have significantly less starch, which reduces fish waste
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: No meals, hydrolysates, digests, or any other pre-processed protein
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Feed 1-3 times daily, using only as much food as fish can consume in two minutes
  • GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Min Crude Protein 42% / Min Crude Fat 11% / Max Crude Fiber 2% / Max Moisture 8.5% / Max Ash 8%

Product Description

About Omega One

In 1998 in Sitka, Alaska, two brothers invented and patented the process of making fish foods directly from wild-caught, fresh Alaskan seafood. Omega One LLC, the company, was founded, and Omega One, the brand, was introduced. This revolutionary concept broke the mold in a 40-year industry, providing hobbyists with a brand of unsurpassed quality and nutrition. Unlike other fish foods on the market, you will see that there is no fishmeal in our foods. Instead, we use Alaskan seafood such as salmon, herring, and shrimp for our protein sources. These ingredients, rich in natural fats and proteins, are purchased direct from sustainable Alaskan fisheries.

From the Sea to the Shelf


Omega One increases fish immunity. It is made directly from superfoods like salmon and herring, which are loaded with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids provide energy and strengthen the delicate fish immune system, leading to decreased rates of disease and mortality.


Omega One fish foods are meal-free and made from the freshest cold-water proteins. When you start with raw, unprocessed proteins like we do and cook them just once, they naturally bind together creating an impenetrable bond, leaving your aquarium cleaner.


Our ingredients contain a high level of naturally occurring pigments called beta-carotenes. With nearly a 100% transfer rate to the skin of ornamental fish, these beta-carotenes will restore the true colors of your fish, making them as vibrant as they are healthy.

Freshwater Flakes

Delicious recipe of fresh, cold water seafood blended specifically to enhance the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are extremely valuable to freshwater species for strong immune systems and cell wall development. Low ash and higher quality proteins mean less pollution in the tank.

Super Color Cichlid Pellets - Floating

Small, medium, and large pellets for all types and sizes of cichlids. Offer superb color enhancement, with unsurpassed nutrition and palatability.

Garlic Marine Flakes

A nutritious mix of seafood ingredients is combined with the optimal amount of spirulina to make this an excellent diet for the community saltwater tank. A strong Omega 3 Fatty Acid profile supports the delicate immune systems of saltwater fish while garlic provides incredible palatability and parasite resistance.

Goldfish Flakes

Omega One Goldfish Flakes are formulated with higher levels of quality proteins and fats than other goldfish foods. This recipe contains a strong Omega Fatty Acid profile, which has been shown to be beneficial for growth and long-term health. Fresh ocean kelp provides critical nutrients and aids in digestion.

Freshwater Flakes

Super Color Cichlid Pellets

Garlic Marine Flakes

Goldfish Flakes

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