Orion Motor Tech Brake Bleeder Kit with Hand Vacuum Pump and Adapters | Brake Bleeding Kit for Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid More | Vacuum Brake Bleeder Pump with Pressure Gauge, Case, and Gloves

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  • YOUR TRIP COMPANION: With OMT's brake bleeder kit, say goodbye to the old days when it takes two or more to bleed brakes and pump out fluids; thanks to the well-designed handheld vacuum pump and clear instructions, brake bleeding of each wheel only takes one less than 5 minutes with great ease
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY: The metal parts of the vacuum pump are constructed from quality aluminum alloy covered in black oxide for years of strong corrosion-proof performance
  • OP SEALING: our tubes are made from premium PVC for high resilience, heat resistance, and maximum sealing performance; the pairing of our barbed pump nozzle and the included clamps firmly grips the tube and keeps bleeding or vacuum testing process hermetically sealed
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Besides a vacuum bleeding kit, our tool set also works as a vacuum system tester; this 2-in-1 tool set enables you to bleed brakes, test vacuum readings through the pressure gauge, and pump out oil, power steering fluids, and other fluids; the set is also useful for testing carburetors, fuel petcocks, and vacuum advances; the 3 different kinds of adapters and connectors included allow you to apply this tool set on cars, bikes, motorcycles, and more
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Orion Motor Tech backs this brake bleeder pump kit with our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service, ensuring that you'll enjoy its use for years to come

Product Description

Orion Motor Tech: The Straightforward Solution

Auto technicians and DIY mechanics everywhere are choosing to start their motor maintenance stories with OMT.

We provide top quality products and excellent service to help amateur mechanics and motor experts alike keep their engines running longer and stronger. We believe you don’t need more cars in your life: You need to get more life out of your car.

That’s the Orion Motor Tech way.

2-in-1 Brake Bleeder & Handheld Vacuum Pump Tester Kit

The dual gauge allows for convenient pressure reading up to 30 inHg and 760 mmHg

  • Easy Operation-Get through bleeding on your own in less than 5 minutes per wheel instead of leaving this a time-consuming chore for two.
  • Wide Compatibility-The 3 adapters let your vacuum pump work with almost any model on market, whether foreign or domestic.
  • Superior Material-Anodized aluminum-alloy tools offer strong corrosion-proof service while the PVC hoses and polyethylene reservoir offer long-lasting stability and heat resistance.
  • Hermetic Sealing-The barbed pump nozzle and clamps effectively prevent any leakage or loose connection for hermetically sealed operation.

These quality PVC connecting hoses are rigid, weather-proof, and corrosion-proof for top sealing performance.

The suction lid's built-in buffer hole prevents waste fluid from entering the pump, protecting your bleeder.

The L-shaped, tapered, T-shaped, and straight hose adapters allow this set to service nearly every make and model on the road.

Compatibility Universal Universal European Cars Universal European Cars Universal
Capacity 0.12L(Reservoir Jar) 0.2L 2L 1L 2.5L 1L & 0.75L
Vacuum Pump / /
Max Pressure 14.66PSI 44.85PSI 44.85PSI 120 psi 44.85PSI 120 psi
Hose Length / 9″ 3.3' 8.2' 3.3' 8.2'
Hose Quantity 4 2 1 1 1 1

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