Parrot Chewing Toy Bird Beak Grinding Lava Stone Cuttlebone Block Set of 2 Bell Calcium Supplement Food African Greys Conure Eclectus Budgies Parakeet Cockatiel Hamster Chinchilla Rabbit 2 Pack

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  • MUST HAVE PARROT TOY: This parrot toy provides a soothing feeling to themselves as well as gives them a physical activity to keep them happy, healthy, and mentally stable. The multiple beads are designed for the parrot to climb and discover, while the metal rod holding it together keeps the whole toy stable and steady.
  • MATERIAL: The material of the parrot bird toy is made with safe permeable mineral stone containing lavish amounts of calcium which maintains the parrot's health while simultaneously grinding and trimming the bird's beak. Trimming the parrot's beak can prevent affecting the ability of parrots to eat and also stop damage to their health. It also includes cuttlebone blocks which could let the parrot consume useful calcium, vitamins, fats and minerals.
  • BENEFITS: The bright-colored beads between the lava stones capture the parrot's attention, minimize loneliness, and positively affect the parrot's mental health. After playing with it for a short time, they will be attracted to it and will play and use it daily and keep them occupied for hours. Furthermore, it also looks nice aesthetically in your household giving a natural and fun feel to the environment.
  • SMART DESIGN: The clever arrangement of the stones makes it effortless to trim and polish their beak. There is also a bell at the bottom for the parrot to play with, this adds another element to the whole toy making it more interesting for the parrot.
  • IDEAL SIZE: The size of the toy is ideal for small to medium size birds. The size isn't too big that the parrot won't get used to it but also isn't too small providing plenty of space for the bird to move around in.

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