PC Joystick, USB Game Controller with Vibration Function and Throttle Control, PXN 2113 Wired Gamepad Flight Stick for Windows PC/Computer/Laptop

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  • 【With Vibration Function】It will never let you down with realistic fly experience.(Note:Vibration Switch is at the bottom,please switch to“ON”.If less than 20%,you will almost not feel the vibration.Please set the vibration strength in the driver to 50% or higher) Compatible with most flight games:World of Tanks,World of Warplanes,War Thunder,Assault Horizon,Microsoft Flight Simulator,X Plane 10,etc.(Note:Minecraft,Asphalt 8 not supported).
  • 【Quality Customer Service】With Friendly,Easy-to-Reach Customer Service.Please turn on your PC first and then connect with this joystick.No need to install the driver and can play games directly.If you need English driver,please find the download link in "Installation" section of the manual.For PXN 2113 setup in Microsoft Flight Simulation,please visit official website: Home – Tutorial. If any problem,please e-mail us directly(Contact Seller),Fengying will reply soon.
  • 【Immersive Fly Experience】Now you can make the right moves with rapid fire trigger,4 axis controlling,8-Way hat switch,12 programmable buttons.Advanced software,Support various custom adjustment and keyboard mapping.It is for PC/Computer/Laptop and compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8(Windows 10,Mac/Apple computers/Apple equipment/PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Switch not supported).
  • 【Comfortable to Hold,Agile to Operate】With a solid, smooth feeling,very comfortable.Precise throttle control,Ergonomic design,Single hand control full function.(Note:Force Feedback not supported).
  • 【4 Power-Grip Suction Cups】Four suction cups at the bottom,they can fix firmly and easily when the table is smooth.When pulling the joystick,please hold the bottom and move it out of the table slowly,do not pull the flight joystick up hard and directly.

PXN 2113 Gaming Joystick with Vibration Function - Professional Flight Stick
For PC Computer Laptop
Compatible with Windows XP/VISTA/7/8

1. 8-Way joystick,12 Programmable Buttons, 4 Axis controlling
2. Vibration function, Precise Throttle Control
3. 3D direction dimensional control axis
4. Rapid fire trigger,Target and accurate fire
5.Ergonomic design,Feel comfortable, Single hand control full function
6.Compatible with almost flight games
7.Power-Grip suction cups at the bottom, Easy to fix

1.Size: 18.5 x18.5 x22.5 CM
2.Unit Weight: 495g
3 Charging Power: DC 5V
4 Interface: Wired USB

1.Please turn on your PC first and then connect with the joystick.If plug in joystick before starting PC, some computers may not identify this joystick.
2.Vibration Switch is at the bottom,please switch to “ON”.Please set the vibration strength in the driver to 50% or higher.
3.The game must have vibration function and signal transmission of vibration.If no vibration signal,please try another game with vibration function or email us the name of your game,we will check for you soon.
4.Test the joystick’s vibration function:install the driver,and then please see "Vibration function" in the manual and follow the "Vibration test" to check.
5.No need to install the driver and can play games directly.If you need driver, please e-mail Fengying(Contact Seller). Also you can find the download link in "Installation" section of the manual, please check the English manual in colour box.

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