Scented Candles for Home Decoration – Natural Soy Wax Candles - Pumpkin Shaped - Farmhouse Pumpkin Tweed Fragrance | 30 Hour Burn Time | Aromatherapy Candles or Christmas Candle Gift

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Scent: Pumpkin
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  • Pleasant fragrance – Our candles set is made up of the Farmhouse Pumpkin Tweed fragrance that is very satisfying. The pleasing scent easily draws people’s attention and creates a relaxing environment for everyone present. It is good for parties because it will make the guests much more fulfilled.
  • High decorative value – The pumpkin shape and the ability and the customizable material makes the product have a high aesthetic value, making it useful for decoration. Our candles are made up of soy and are pumpkin shaped.
  • Unique design – The pumpkin design makes the product functional, practical, and improves efficiency. The design fits perfectly in the lifestyle of the people, making the candles useful for both decorations for the provision of light.
  • High-quality material – Our candle set is made using high-quality wax that makes it more reliable and stable. The casing is made up of soy, which is stable hence making it durable. The packaging is also well done to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained.
  • Environmental friendly – Burning the candle releases a small quantity of Carbon-dioxide, making it environmentally friendly. The pumpkin-shaped decoration is made of soy, which is a biodegradable material.

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