Sensky Motion Sensor Night Light Eye Friendly Front Low Light and Bright Back Light Design Night Lights for Bathroom Hallway (Warm White)

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  • 【Front low leve GuideLight 】: Front light turns on when room is dim or dark ,note : this light stays on in dim or dark room.
  • 【Back Eye Protection Light】: Brighter back light comes ON against the wall to help you to see your way around, avoid directly lighting into eyes. Suitable for middle of the night back and forth trip whether you are half asleep, sleepy child or senior
  • 【Two Modes】:"ON" both lights are on and works as a normal night light. "AUTO" works as a sensor night light. Front light stays on when the room is dim or dark, back light turns ON when motion sensed with 8.2ft sensing range and Auto off after 60s of inactivity.
  • 【Energy Efficient LED】:The maximum energy consumption of the wall lamps is only 0.8 W, which helps you save energy and money
  • 【Safe and Reliable】:Use fire-proof material, CE Approved. Friendly customer service with 1 Year Warranty.

Product Description

Why you need a Sensky SKL001 motion sensor light?
Reason 1,Easy to use : Plug in AC outlet directly.
Reason 2, Two modes:  ON : Works as a regular night light                 AUTO: Works as motion sensor night light    
Reason 3, Energy Saving: This motion sensor night light can recognizes the ambience of the light and Will Prevent the light from turning on during daylight hours
Reason 4, Elegant Design: It will enhance your life and Decorate your home.
Reason 5, Application is broad: You can use this plug in motion sensor night light in Bedroom, Laundry Room, Hallway, Basement, Stairwells, Kitchen, Nursery Etc.
Reason 6, High quality : Made up in electronic parts and components CE Approved.
Reason 7, Green packaging, Focus on quality, Refused to fancy, avoid unnecessary wastes.



Power: 0.8W

Power Source: 100-120VAC/60Hz

Light intensity: 15 lm

Detection distance: 2.5m(8.2ft)

Color temperature: 3200-3800K

Power source: 100-120VAC

Certification: CCC/CE/ROHS/SAA

Sensor type: light sensor and PIR motion sensor

Material: PC

Weight: 72g


AUTO State 1
When ambient light value ≤ 10 lux
Front light will turn ON

AUTO State 2
When ambient light value ≤ 10 lux
And a moving humanbody or heat source is sensed within sensing range, back light will be turn ON
IN this state both lights are ON

AUTO State 3
When ambient light value 10 lux
Front light won't turn on
Back light will turn ON when sensed within sensing range

1. Do not immerse the flashlight in to water or using it in wet condition, it is not a waterproof night light.
2. Do not disassemble it by yourself.
3.Do not cover it for staying out of the possibility of danger.
4. Beware of the electricity & electronics parts, it i s not a toy.
5. unavailable when power failure.
6. Sensor range and detection area is varying under the different environment and season.
7. Suggested operating temperature is 5 to 30 degrees centigrade.
8. For optimun efficiency, please don't shelter from inductor.

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