Spiderwire Superline Ultracast Braid, Ultimate Braid-Moss Green, 20Lb | 9Kg, 164Yd | 150M Fishing Line

Color: Inshore Camo
Breaking Strength: 100 Pounds
Item Display Length: 2188 Yards
Sale price$418.90
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  • SPIDERWIRE ULTRACAST BRAID combines the best of Spiderwire performance into an eight-strand braided line, constructed using a cold-fusion process for added durability and abrasion resistance.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Whether fishing with spinners, plugs, plastics, or blades, this versatile braided line fits the bill.
  • HIGH STRENGTH PER DIAMETER BRAIDED FISHING LINE: Ideal for freshwater and saltwater alike. Fishing line break strength of 20lb | 9kg. Braid Length: 164yd | 150m. Ultimate Braid-Moss Green is "high-vis" ideal for line watchers to increase strike visibility.
  • EFFORTLESS CASTING: Reduced diameter at the same strength as larger braided lines. This line will glide off the reel and into the water - and back again.
  • WIDE RANGE OF BREAK STRENGTHS AVAILABLE, from 4 pounds to 100. Diameter of 0.006in | 0.15mm helps ensure that exciting fights end well. Superline Mono Equiv: 8lb.

The best of SpiderWire performance will be found in Ultracast! Made from 8 tightly woven 100% PE strands, Ultracast effortlessly casts long distances while providing high strength and abrasion resistance, giving you the ultimate performance fishing line! Available in two colors: Aqua Camo is the angler's "high-vis" camo color option ideal for line watchers giving you the best chance to see every strike and catch every fish! Suitable for freshwater and saltwater environments.

Throughout the years, SpiderWire has become the cutting-edge fishing line of choice for aggressive anglers who demand the most out of their gear. Our fishing line takes you where the fish are and makes sure you bring them home; with SpiderWire, nothing gets away.

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