Sqlab 411 Bicycle Innerbarends - Black - 1996

Color: Black
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  • Suitable for every area of ​​use, from city bikes to enduro and all mountain MTBs.
  • Plus in security. Despite the changed grip position, the brake levers remain permanently within reach.
  • Create a natural hand position which relaxes the muscles and improves the biomechanics.
  • Provides a 5% performance saving at an average speed of 36 km / h.
  • The 411 Innerbarends (single size) are delivered without the handlebars and grips shown..Handle clips cannot be replaced by the 411 inner bar ends. For this purpose, please use the 410/402 inner bar ends for the 710/702 handles.

From the manufacturer

Perfect muscle relief & maximum speed

The perfect solution for relieving muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and back by changing the arm position on the bike, especially on long journeys.

The aerodynamic, relaxed elbow position ensures maximum speed.

Natural hand position, tiny & light

The SQlab innerbarends ensure a natural hand position with only 108 g the pair through an FVK (fiber composite plastic).

411 Innerbarends

Comfortable. Aerodynimc. Inside.

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