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  • BIRD TOYS FOR STRESS RELIEF: Chewing and shredding is an instinctive behavior birds all do for foraging and nest building. Our Super Shredder Ball keeps them happy and entertained, encouraging their mind to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. The wrapped twine and paper hides small bird toys they will be delighted to discover.
  • PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: The Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball keeps your bird stimulated mentally and promotes physical activity. We understand birds need to do than sit on their perch. Chewing, shredding and foraging are natural instincts. Our shredder toy ball will keep them moving and thinking.
  • HIGH QUALITY & NON-TOXIC: Bird toys are an absolute must for any feathered friend. Sweet Feet and Beak uses only non-toxic glues and dye because their safety and health is our priority. The zinc-free bite-proof chain has a thick nickel plating with welded links to withstand the strongest of beaks.
  • BIRD CAGE TOYS FOR ALL SIZES: Our Sweet Feet and Beak Super Shredder Ball comes in a variety of sizes so you can find one that is right for your pet. Our bird foraging toys measure 3", 5" or 7" with hidden shredder toys inside, perfect from Cockatiel to Macaw.
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Have peace of mind knowing our toys and perches deliver what they promise. We ensure both the quality and safety in our bird cage toys and accessories by making sure they are made from quality, non-toxic materials in the United States.

Product Description

The Perfect Solution for a Stressed or Bored Bird

A busy bird is a happy bird. Chewing and shredding are natural behaviors that are associated with foraging bird food and nest building. Engaging your bird’s mind in a variety of ways is key to preventing boredom-related misbehaviors in their birdhouse. Give your feathered friend a toy that promotes your bird’s physical and emotional health.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The health and safety of your birdie are absolutely paramount to us. Our food-safe, woven shredder ball is covered by delightfully colored food-safe streamers that will keep your pet shredding, picking, and preening for hour after hour to reveal hidden blocks, balls, and more!

Safe & Durable

Expertly designed for birds, our shredder ball toy is carefully crafted to supply your bird with pleasurable entertainment day after day. Give your bird a gift that is durable and lasts time and time again!

Fun For All

Whether you have a cockatiel, macaw, parrot, parakeet, conure, or cockatoo, our toy offers a fun and educational time sink for all bird types. Your bird is sure to sing the praises of our ultra-fun shredder ball!

Safe and Easy to Install

Super Shredder Ball is stuffed with colorful shredded papers that were dyed using food-grade pigments. With its stainless chain link, it’s strong enough to climb on and can be effortlessly installed using its quick link. It is the perfect bird cage toy for your precious bird buddy.

The Perfect Size

Available in three (3) different sizes, find the toy that’s right for your specific bird. Whether they’re a parrot or a parakeet, your feathered friend will appreciate the fun offered by our shredder ball toy!

Eases Stress
Encourages Play & Exercise
Safe & Non-Toxic
Multiple Sizes
Made In USA

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