T12 Mirror Dash Cam - CARCHET 2.5k Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with 12” IPS Full Touch Screen & Waterproof Rear View Camera Backup Camera, Sony IMX335 Sensor Parking Monitor Voice Control, GPS Tracking

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  • 2.5k HD resolution| ▍CARCHET T12 mirror dash cam is equipped with 2.5K high-definition front camera and 1080P rear backup camera, High-definition video gets rid of the limitations of ordinary rear view mirrors and provides you with more details.
  • 12” IPS full touch screen| ▍The 12” IPS screen and the front 170°and rear 160°field of view have a wider and clearer field of view than traditional rear view mirrors and reduce visual blind spots. The sensitive full-touch screen makes the operation easier.
  • Voice control and GPS tracking| ▍The intelligent voice control system covers all the voice commands you need to use, freeing your hands, and you don’t need to be distracted to adjust the mirror dash cam when driving. GPS tracking system, records all the routes you have been, a map belonging to you alone.
  • Parking assistance and monitoring| ▍The parking guide helps you to park safely. You can adjust the angle of the mirror dash cam when parking to eliminate blind spots and observe the surrounding situation.Then, parking monitoring helps you to clearly record everything that happened after you left the car.
  • Loop recording and collision lock| ▍Loop recording function, after your storage card is full, the first video will be deleted to accommodate the latest video. You can also lock the video you need from being deleted. The sensitive G-sensor will help you lock the collision video in the event of an accidental collision.

Product Description

CARCHET T12 Mirror Dash Camera


Screen :12" IPS Full Touch Screen

Display Resolution : 1920*320

Resolution (Front Camera) : 2560*1440P

Resolution (Backup Camera) : 1920*1080P

Image Sensor : Sony IMX335

Field of View : Front 170°, Rear 160°

Storage : Supports up to 128G memory card (not included)

Temperature: -4°F-140°F

What’s in the box?

  • T12 mirror dash cam *1
  • Backup camera kit *1
  • Car charger (11.5ft) *1
  • GPS receiver *1
  • Rubber Mounting Strap *4
  • 3M Adhesive Pad *2
  • User Manual*1
  • Easy Pry Tool*1

Nearly perfect dark night vision

T12 Mirror Dash Cam is equipped with Sony IMX335 sensor, which can capture clear video in low light or even no light conditions.Record everything you want to see day and night.

Split screen display function

Simultaneously display the images of the front and rear cameras, and keep track of the road conditions ahead and behind.

Loop recording, collision lock

Continuously record video, even if the memory card is full, the G sensor will automatically lock the collision video to prevent this important video from being overwritten.

Dual lens, adjustable angle

The adjustable lens at the front 170° and the rear 130° provides a 330° all-around vision, reducing blind spots in the field of vision, and easily grasping the front and back movement of the lane.

Parking assist system

The parking assist system will automatically start when the vehicle switches to reverse gear. It reminds you of obstacles and distances when reversing, helping you to park safely and perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

——1. Frozen Screen/Screen Not Turning On/Camera On & Off

(1)Take out SD or TF card or press power button. (2)Press reset button. (3)Check the charger. (4)Format you card. (5)Turn the auto-off mode. (6)Check park mode & sleep mode. (6)Be sure to use the high speed TF memory card marked with "C10". (7)Use 2.5A charger.

——2. Recording Stops Automatically

(1)Turn on the loop recording. (2)Format your card and check the format of the videos.

——3. Hazy Image

Wipe the lens clean or remove the filter first. Use ESD Cleanroom Wiper. Use in -4°F-140°F environment.

——4. Low Angle of the Camera View

Swipe up and down at the left area of the screen to adjust the view of the image.

——5. Cannot Fit With the Car Mirror

Check the installation and angle of the mirror cam.

——6. Frame Skipping When Replaying the Videos

(1)Format your SD or TF card. (2)Choose a legal original card for the camera.

If you don’t know what kind of problem it is, the easiest way is to restore factory settings which you can find in the settings, or press the reset button at the back.

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