The Original Gypsy Color 4 Light Crystal White Hardwire Flush Mount Chandelier H17.5”Xw15”, White Metal Frame with Clear Glass Stem and Clear Acrylic Crystals & Beads That Sparkle Just like Glass

Color: Cobalt Blue
Size: 4 Light Plug-in
Sale price$198.90
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  • **ATTENTION** FLUSH MOUNT TO CEILING JUNCTION BOX (installation required) - transform your favorite spaces! Our customers amaze us with where they use our chandeliers including entry way, dining room, nursery, bedroom, bathroom, closet, hallway, stairwell, game room, porch, girls room and even the garage! Our acrylic crystal chandeliers are elegant, suave & sophisticated, and at an affordable price.  A delightful mixture of crystals, beading and swag. The possibilities are limitless!
  • STRONG & LIGHT WEIGHT-highest quality THICK & FACETED acrylic crystals, Better Than Glass! We use poly-carbonate crystals which is the same material used in bullet proof windows and eye lenses, very light and strong. Glass scratches & breaks easily, needs to be assembled one piece at a time, is heavy and costly. Poly-carbonate acrylic will reflect and refract light similar to glass, comes in many different colors and is way easier to assemble and install than glass. Give it try, we think you’ll like it!
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – designed in Austin, our chandelier folds flat for shipping, less damage & waste! Our chandelier was designed specifically for shipping right to your door. We figured out how to ship a chandelier folded flat, almost fully assembled, which cuts way down on packaging, weight, damages and waste. So, don’t be surprised when a flat box shows up at your door. It may seem odd at first but it’s actually a very innovative, smart, environmentally friendly design, which is awesome!
  • EASY TO INSTALL -unfold arms, position cups, connect strands and it’s ready! All components and installation instructions are included for easy assembly and installation. Uses E12 chandelier bulbs (BULBS NOT INCLUDED). The chain hangs up to 23 inches from the ceiling but can be shortened by removing chain links for perfect height. This seller is located in Austin, TX and can provide a full range of support.
  • UL CERTIFIED - ALWAYS AUTHENTICATE UL SAFETY & QUALITY - highest quality standard & safety rating available in lighting! Your chandelier is designed and supported in the USA by a local business out of Austin, Texas. The supplier offers a 1 Year Warranty against all defects including missing parts or replacement components. Must contact the supplier directly.

Product Description

This gorgeous acrylic crystal beaded Vintage Gypsy Chandelier adds a touch of high design, baroque class to any interior, gala event or outdoor celebration. A delightful mixture of crystals, beading and swag, the candle style Chandelier is ideal for those who want to make a dramatic statement in any space. This chandelier is made from high-quality acrylic crystals and beads and has a glass stem with solid metal frame and arms. Strands of sparkling acrylic beads swag from each light bulb to the glass frame with brilliant acrylic crystals hanging from each light bulb.

Gypsy Color set out to design the best possible drop-ship chandelier in the world, for the money you pay. We considered glass but discovered issues like:

  • Glass scratches & breaks easily - Each crystal must be individually packaged.
  • Glass requires assembly one piece at a time - Complicated and time-consuming assembly.
  • Glass is heavy - Difficult to handle during installation, while on a ladder.
  • Glass is costly - More packaging, weight and breakage drives up the ancillary cost for customers.

Gypsy Color polycarbonate “crystals” have many advantages over glass. With our chandeliers, you can open a small box, do minor assembly and hang the chandelier within minutes. This is primarily because we DO NOT use glass crystals. However, once it’s hanging, it will have a very similar look to glass crystals and you will be one of the few who knows it’s actually much better than glass!

Polycarbonate is the same material used in bulletproof windows and eye lenses, very light and strong.

Power Source Plug-in Plug-in Hard-Wired Hard-Wired Hard-Wired Hard-Wired
# of Lights/Arms 3 4 4 5 6 9
Width 12 inches 15 inches 15 inches 19 inches 22 inches 27 inches
Height 17 inches 17.5 inches 17.5 inches 21 inches 26 inches 26 inches
Weight 4 pounds 4.25 pounds 4.8 pounds 5.5 pounds 6.5 pounds 9 pounds
Chain Length up to 20 inches up to 24 inches up to 24 inches up to 24 inches up to 24 inches up to 24 inches
Plug-in Cord Length 16 feet 16 feet No Plug-in Cord No Plug-in Cord No Plug-in Cord No Plug-in Cord

About Gypsy Color

The Gypsy Color founder, Sjoerd Brink, has been designing and sourcing fabulous home decor products for over 25 years. He started selling products direct to consumers, under the Gypsy Color brand, in April of 2015. The Gypsy Color brand represents a culmination of Sjoerd’s personality and professional experience. Sjoerd loves to travel the world, connecting with people and cultures, and along the way finding quality, affordable, high-design products that he can share with others back home. Sjoerd has honed a unique set of skills and instincts to efficiently source, package, transport and distribute original products direct to consumers–when you buy from Sjoerd, you’re getting the best value for the money. Gypsy Color products are designed in the US, sourced from all around the world and sold exclusively under the Gypsy Color brand.

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