Travelers Hammocks Fruit & Vegetable Macrame Hammock, Space Saving Produce Hammock for Boat, Home, RV Storage & Under Cabinet with-drawstring closure

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  • CLEARS CLUTTER FROM KITCHEN COUNTER: The space-saving hanging fruit hammock is made of strong polyester with a beech wood hanger for ultimate durability and offers a safe space for fruits and vegetables. Perfect for a kitchen with limited counter space, like a camper, boat, apartment or if you just like a clear kitchen counter!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SPOILED FRUIT: The fruit storage hammock allows fruit and vegetables to ripe evenly with fresh air and light circulation, prolonging the life of your food with less wasteful spoiling.
  • INCLUDES HAMMOCK, 2 HOOKS, 2 CARABINERS: Why settle for our competitors that sell their fruit hanging basket with no accessories? Ours includes everything you need to install, including two heavy-duty hooks and strong-hold carabiners.
  • DRAWSTRING CLOSURE HOLDS ITEMS IN PLACE: Unlike other macrame fruit hammock under cabinet storage units that have no top and allow the fruit to fall out, our drawstring closure holds the fruit in place during movement, making it an ideal accessory for boats and campers.
  • WON'T FALL OFF OR UNRAVEL: Our product has gone through quality testing and we can guarantee your under cabinet fruit hammock won't unravel or fall off its mount if installed per the included instructions. But if you're unsatisfied for any reason, send it back for your full money back.

It's the same old song and dance. You spend loads of money on fresh fruit and vegetables, place them in your cabinet or inside your refrigerator and BAM! You forget about them and all of a sudden, they're all bruised and attracting flies. Sound familiar? Well, we're here to solve that problem for you with our produce hammock. There are many benefits of using a fruit hammock, but one of them is that it encourages air and light circulation, prolonging the life of your fruits and vegetables and a more natural ripening process. Plus, you're more likely to remember you have them and eat them if they're out in the open! Now that's a subtle way to support your healthy lifestyle. The kitchen hammock has a unique drawstring closure, ensuring all the items stay in place if you're using it in an RV or boat. No more putting everything away into your cabinets when you're on to your next adventure! If you love a clutter-free kitchen, this fruit net is for you. It conveniently hangs in the underside of the kitchen cabinet or shelf, freeing up more counter space for food prep and offering a clean, more tidy-looking kitchen. We've tested it ourselves! The under cabinet fruit basket won't unravel or fall apart days after use like many similar products on the market. The fruit and vegetable hammock is built to last, whether you're using it for onion and potato storage or as a fruit hanger under your camper cabinets. We know this space-saving fruit hammock will allow you to live a more efficient and clutter-free life, so don't delay - add to cart now!

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