Trekking Walking Hiking Poles Adjustable for All Heights, Durable & Lightweight Aluminum by BAFX Products

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  • Great for Everybody - Our hiking poles are a perfet fit from beginners to experts, children, teens, adults & seniors. Anybody from 3'6" up to 6'4" will have no problem using our poles!
  • Comfortable - Ergonomic grips, lightweight aluminum, an extra wide padded wrist strap and an anti shock feature in each poles helps make our hiking poles the most comfortable poles you will use.
  • Extras - Each pole comes with 2 rubber tips plus 2 spares (4 tips total), a carbide tip (built into each pole) and 2 mud baskets giving you all the essentials you need to get started hiking today
  • Lightweight & Durable - Our poles are made of lightweight 6061 aluminum weighing in at approximately 12.4 ounces per pole (with tips). A very durable yet affordable material for any hiking skill level
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Covered by our 1 year warranty against all defects with friendly USA based support staff. Your satisfaction is our goal and we will not rest until you are happy.

Product Description

The BAFX Products Hiking Poles are a great additional to any hikers gear collection. A perfect fit for beginners & experts alike and affordable for all!


  • Expand from 26.5" to 53.25"
  • Each pole weighs 12.4 Oz (With tips)
  • For people from 3'6" to 6'4"
  • Durable lightweight aluminum constructions
  • Twist lock locking mechanism
  • Rubber tips for pavement
  • Carbide tips for gravel, hard packed dirt or ice
  • Mud disc for sand, mud or snow
  • Comfortable ergonomic grips & wrist straps
  • Built in anti-shock feature (able to be disabled)

Our trekking poles will not disappoint and economical so everybody can afford them! Get to hitting the trails this summer with your new trekking poles and explore places you never thought possible!

Tip Options for Many Conditions

Our poles come with different tip options for different hiking conditions, traverse the paths less traveled!

Rubber tips - For walking paved paths, sidewalks, or large smooth rocks

Carbide tips - For digging into gravel trails, hard packed paths, or ice

Mud baskets - To help prevent your poles from sinking into mud or sand when hiking tougher conditions

Please note, that if using your hiking poles with the rubber tip, they will wear out with time and need to be replaced eventually. Depending on the hiking conditions they may last anywhere from 5-25+ miles.

Anti-Shock Feature For More Comfort

The BAFX Products hiking poles incorporate an anti shock feature located inside of each pole on the top of the middle section. This anti shock feature is an internal spring which helps to reduce the sharp jolt that travels through the pole each time the pole hits the ground.

If you don't like the anti shock feature no problem! It can be easily activated or deactivated on each pole!

Why do I need this? Simple, less stress on your hands and joints during long hikes or walks! If your hiking / walking over long distances this repetitive jolt to your arm joints and hands can wear you down and cause pain, the anti shock feature will help to reduce the jolt resulting in longer, more enjoyable hiking!

Great For All Heights Of People

Not sure what size pole is right for you? Generally speaking, you want your poles to be set at a height where when holding the pole straight up and down, your arm will form a 90° angle. Using this rule of thumb our trekking poles will work great for people of any heights from 3'6" to 6'4". In the listing photos at the top of the page you will find a sizing chart to show you approximately how far to extend your hiking poles! What matters most though is your comfort while out hiking the great outdoors! Try this rule of thumb and see how it works, then adjust as needed to reach your comfort level!

Once you determine your preferred height, there are convenient height markings on our walking poles to help you get the sticks set to the right length quickly and easily!

Why use hiking poles?

There are so many uses for hiking poles (walking sticks / trekking poles whatever you would like to call them) that we can't get into them all here though, some of the most common benefits include:

  • Stability - With heavy backpacks! Added backpack weight will take you off balance, walking poles help re-balance you.
  • Balance - Crossing those beautiful streams can be tricky with slippery rocks and hiking poles can keep you upright.
  • Assistance climbing - Steep hill? Going up or down is no problem with trekking poles. When going up, use them to help pull yourself up. When going down, use the poles to brace yourself and ease into the descent.
  • Reduce strain - Studies show hiking poles may reduce knee strain by up to 25%!
  • Exercise - Using hiking poles can help burn more calories with the added upper body movement yet you will experience less exertion.

Not to mention the other endless possibilities including helping to prop up and emergency shelter!

Who should use hiking poles?

Anybody & everybody! Our hiking poles are a great economical solution for beginners, experts, weekenders, kids, parents or just seniors going for a stroll! Whether you have a son or daughter who is going on a camping trip with friends, if you’re planning a hike up Kilimanjaro OR you just need a little help getting around the block at home, the BAFX Products Aluminum trekking poles will be a perfect fit!

Most people don't want to plunk down a small fortune on hiking poles, and we don't blame you. We were looking for an economical, well-made solution ourselves but all the other brands we encountered were flimsy and didn't hold up to longer hikes. So, we set out to make a quality yet affordable walking pole option for everybody and believe we have achieved that! Spending more does not mean you always get more!

Great For Endless Outdoor Adventures

Hiking poles come in handy in so many different situations it can be hard to name them all. They are a huge benefit if your going uphill, downhill, crossing unstable terrain or to help support the added weight of a backpack, help reduce strain on your legs and joints, help to get a more thorough workout, burning more calories, Nordic walking, snow shoeing OR just for a little help getting around the house!

If you made it here, your thinking about using hiking poles for something and should certainly give them a try!

Great For Getting Family Together

If your trying to find way for the family to spend more time together, hiking is a great activity. Let the BAFX Products hiking poles get you and your family out on the trails!

Having your family use hiking poles will help bring comfort and peace of mind when out on the trails helping to prevent falls and helping ensure that none of your family members get fatigued too quickly. Take longer hikes with the entire family without worry!

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