ULTECHNOVO 3Pcs Pigeons Xx.Cm Nest- Basin Nest Shelter Bowl Incubate Pigeons, Supplies Eggs Nests Nest, Laying Small and Hummingbird Bird Sparrow Canary Dove Birds, Doves Accessories

Color: Bluex2pcs
Size: 21X21CMx2pcs
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  • HANGING BIRD NEST-- Bird Nest material, which has the good durability.
  • PET BIRD NEST--Bird Breeding Nest A for the harmonious relationship between the owner and the birds.
  • BIRD NEST--PERFECT DESIGN- Bird nesting bowls feature round design, easy for the birds to grasp and stand, easy to enter and exit, convenient and practical.
  • BIRD FEEDING CONTAINER--Large capacity, can hold more eggs at one time.
  • BIRDS NEST--EXQUISITE DETAILS- Nest bowl works great, sturdy and anti- rollover, it keeps the eggs from rolling out, and sits securely without tipping when the birds stand on the.

Package List
3 x Plastic Bird Nests
- This pigeon nest is made of high class material for the long- term use.
- This bird breeding nest has a circular design, which is convenient for birds to grasp and stand, and is easy to get in and out.
- Size: About 21.00X21.00X5.50cm/ 8.25X8.25X2.16inch.
- Material: Plastic.
- Color: Blue.
- Suitable for dove, pigeon nest use. Give your pet a warm nest.
- The bottom is covered with small holes and is breathable.
- This nest will create a cozy environment for your pet bird.
Goods Information
Birds Nest It will offer your bird a cozy environment.hanging bird nest Are you looking for a practical nest for your pet bird? want to create a comfortable environment for your pet birds? If your answer is yes, please come and take a look at this product.Pet Bird Nest This pigeon nest is made of high class material for the long- term use

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