Vision Sunflower Bird Nest Holder, Bird Cage Accessory, 83076

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  • Provides comfort and protection for nesting pairs and their young
  • Secure-hold grips keep nest in place, while sunflower petals allow birds to perch
  • Ideal for canaries and finches
  • Fits all Vision bird cage models, as well as most standard, small-wire bird cages
  • Suitable for use with most pre-fabricated nests (sold separately)

Add a distinctive touch to your bird’s home with this cheery sunflower nest holder. The Vision Sunflower Nest Holder is suitable for use with most pre-fabricated nests (sold separately). Multiple, secure-hold grips keep the nest firmly in place, while the sunflower petals allow birds to perch with comfort. The two-tier base is specially designed to serve as a treat holder and feeder for your bird’s favorite snack. Made from strong, durable, easy-to-clean material, the Sunflower Nest Holder can be used in cages with either a flat or wire base. Recommended for Canaries and Finches, it fits all Vision cage models, as well as most standard, small-wire cages. The Sunflower Nest Holder is part of Vision's line of garden-themed cage accessories. Charming and whimsical, the flower and plant-shaped accessories not only provide birds with hours of fun and amusement, but add a touch of the great outdoors to your bird’s home.

The perfect blend of elegant design and practical functionality, Vision revolutionized the birdcage industry by re-inventing the way pet birds are housed. Vision bird homes have many revolutionary design features that set them apart from traditional birdcages. The homes provide companion birds with larger interior living space and a greater sense of freedom, they retain up to 80% of waste and debris in the cage, and they simplify maintenance, making cleanups less time-consuming.

Vision bird homes are available in a variety of sizes, including small bird cages or large wire cages. They are recommended for bird species as listed due to their natural behaviors and not by size of bird. Vision also creates a variety of bird cage accessories including parakeet perches, parakeet toys, parakeet mirrors, bird baths, bird nest holders, bird cage stands and other parakeet supplies.

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