Vont 'Lyra' LED Night Light, Plug-In [6 Pack] Super Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Night Lights Suitable for Bedroom, Bathroom, Toilet, Stairs, Kitchen, Hallway, Kids,Adults,Compact Nightlight, Cool White

Color: Cool White
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  • THE PERFECT BRIGHTNESS - Our smart night lights provide just the right amount of light to walk around your house without turning your main lights on. Not too bright, not too dim. Juuust the right touch.
  • SMART ILLUMINATION 💡 - Automatically turns on as the ambient light becomes insufficient. Intelligently adjusts itself throughout the night. Say goodbye to stubbed toes and say hi to a smarter home.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Extremely energy efficient costing less than 60 cents to run per year. Comes in eco-friendly packaging. No more hassle of changing bulbs. Save both the environment and your wallet.
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT - Gorgeously designed with a modern minimalist look. Easily fits in small spaces and does not obstruct other outlets. Has a LED life span of 10,000+ hours. Other lights use cheap plastic, we use 100% ABS which is fire-resistant.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - You can rest in knowing that this product is of utmost quality. Warranted for life, it is covered against loss, theft, and defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the night lights. CE/ RoHS/ FCC certification.

Product Description

Pieces Per Pack 6 4 4 3 3
Lumens 50 11 7 20 50
Power Source Electric Plug-in Electric Plug-in Electric Plug-in 3 AAA batteries 650mAh rechargeable via USB
Dimensions 2.1in x 2.1in 2.4in x 2.4in 2.36in x 2.36in Diameter: 3.15in 7.9in x 1.6in x 0.5in
Light Sensor Motion sensor only activated in the dark
Color Temperature Cool Warm Warm Cool Cool

Easily See In The Dark

Solve all your "can't see in the dark" problems! Never trip again on your bathroom break in the middle of the night. Vont's Night Light makes your path visible without having to turn on any other lights.

All Outlets Stay Accessible

Offset plugs should be a no-brainer on night lights yet some products still have it centered. Not ours! We made sure you can still use your other outlets even for laptop plugs!

No Switch, Just One Sensor

With its ambient light sensor, you'll never have to remind yourself to close these lights in the morning. It gradually turns on as it gets dark outside, and gets dimmer as the environment brightens.

Energy Efficient

With just 0.5 watts per piece, these lights will replace your regular lamps and will pay for themselves in less than a year! The LEDs don't produce any heat so you can leave them plugged in without any hazard.

Safe For You And The Environment

Every product we produce undergoes strict quality control and has certifications in place to assure safety to consumers and the environment. This night light is no exception.

More Than Good Lights

We are a customer-driven brand committed to providing you a positively lit experience. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we promise to make it right!

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