X-Plore Gear Firestarter - 3-In-1 Survival Multifunction Tool - Magnesium Fire Starter Rod, Magnetic Compass & Emergency Whistle - Ideal for Outdoor Camping & Disaster Supply Kits

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  • START A FIRE UNDER ANY CONDITIONS: You'll never be caught in the dark and cold again. Even under conditions like heavy rain or wind, this great fire starter allows you to easily produce a hot, intense spark that will get a fire going before you know it!
  • THOUSANDS OF SPARKS & STRIKES: This tool's large magnesium fire starter rod and double-sided metal scraper will last for thousands and thousands of sparks, enough to fulfil all your outdoor fire starting needs for a long, long time.
  • A MUST IN ANY EMERGENCY & SURVIVAL KIT: This is a specialized survival tool that shouldn't be missing from any emergency, first aid or disaster supply kit. On the handle of the fire starter rod you'll find a built-in 150 db emergency whistle, as well as a magnetic compass - what every survivalist needs in a crisis!
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: In addition to being an auto-include in survival kits, this fire starter tool is compact and lightweight enough to fit into your pocket. Be smart and keep it with you at all times, in your backpack, car glove compartment or purse!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Even if there's no dangerous emergency in sight, this great fire starter tool is still a nature lover's and outdoorsman's best friend. Take it along when you go camping, hiking, trekking or hunting, and never find yourself without a cosy fire!

Make Sure You Are Prepared For Anything - Starting Today!

Organizations like the CDC and the Red Cross say that more than half of all adults are not sufficiently prepared to protect themselves and look after their family in case of an emergency.

Do you want to be one of them?

Don't you want to be prepared for anything, any emergency, disaster or distress?

If so, we may just have the perfect item for you and your crisis supply kit!

Fire Starter Survival Tool - Light A Fire Under Any Conditions

Even if you find yourself under heavy rainfall, low temperature or strong winds, you'll always be a few strikes of this amazing fire starter stick away from a cosy fire.

This dependable survival tool features a magnesium fire starter rod and a double-sided metal scraper that, when struck together, produce a hot and intense spark to light your kindling or tinder and build a fire.

The magnesium rod will last for a long, long time, too - it's designed to produce thousands of sparks!

The Perfect Addition To Your Survival Gear & Kit

Whether you're gathering the essentials to build a distress and emergency kit, or you're an outdoorsman and are looking for something extra for your camping gear, this tool is ideal for you!

Not only it provides a trusty way to build up a fire under any circumstances, it also features a built-in compass and a special emergency whistle!

So What Are You Waiting For? You Don't Want To Be Found In An Emergency Without This Fire Starter!

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